For Physicians

Our goal is to provide the referring physicians with a simple process for arranging infusion therapy services for their patients. All your office needs to do is fax a copy of the patient’s orders, demographic information, and insurance cards to Intravene and we will take care of the rest. Our staff will verify the insurance coverage, obtain pre-authorization and assist patients with financial assistance if available. Then one of our staff will contact your patient to schedule an appointment.


What Services does Intravene provide?
Our Infusion Therapy services include

  • Antibiotic Therapy
  • Hydration therapy
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • IVIG Therapy
  • Biologic Therapy – Remicade, Rituxan, Xolair, Simponi Aria, Cimzia, Ocrevus, Orencia, Tysabri, Krystexxa , Actemra, Nucala, Benlysta, Cinqair, Fasenra, Entyvio, Stelara, Zinplava and other Specialty Biologics
  • Osteoporosis Therapy- Reclast, Prolia, and Boniva

As new therapies become available, Intravene evaluates the safety of each new medication for inclusion
into our program.

Why Choose Intravene?
  • Convenient and close to home with 4 locations to serve your patients
  • No out-patient registration process
  • Easy access to infusion suite
  • In many cases office based infusions are more cost effective than those provided in a hospital inpatient or even an outpatient setting.
Where are we located?
Intravene has four infusion locations

  • Lynchburg- 2215 Landover Place
  • Danville- 4500 Riverside Drive, Suite B
  • Roanoke- 4415 Pheasant Ridge Road, Suite 101
  • Charlottesville- 1415 Rolkin Court, Suite 201
Who administers the therapy?
A professional staff of pharmacists supervise the preparation of medications. Experienced nurses supervised by an onsite Intravene physician administer the infusion therapy.
How does the referral process work?
Fax the following information to (434) 455-5531

  • Orders or completed order forms ( available on our website)
  • Copy of patient’s insurance cards
  • Demographic information
  • Recent office notes that may be needed for pre- authorization
Once the referral is made, what happens next?
Intravene will take care of the following:

  • Verify insurance coverage
  • Pre-authorize services if necessary
  • Help patients apply for assistance ( if applicable)
  • Call patient to schedule appointment
What if there is a problem or emergency during or after an infusion?
A Supervising Intravene physician is on site for all infusions in our ambulatory suites. In addition, an Intravene nurse, pharmacist, and physician are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The referring physician will be notified for further orders.
Why are some patients treated at home?
Certain therapies such as antibiotic and total parenteral nutrition are safe and appropriate for home infusion therapy. Medication is prepared at Intravene, ready for patient use. Patients are instructed in home infusion therapy procedures by an Intravene nurse or in conjunction with a Home Health Agency nurse.
How do I reach Intravene?
In Danville, call 434-792- 5506
In Lynchburg, call 434-947- 3900
In Roanoke, call 540-491- 0157
In Charlottesville, call 434-202- 8064

To arrange care for your patients with Intravene simply fax orders using a drug specific form found on our website or fax a prescription and patient demographic information to Intravene. We will assess the ordered therapy and arrange for the care of your patient. Of course you may always call Intravene for assistance.

Contact: Fax: (434)455-5531 or call (434)947-3900

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2215 Landover Place,
Lynchburg, VA 24501

Phone: 434-947-3900
Fax: 434-544-2323